wet_maintenance is a WordPress plugin which puts an “Under Construction” page on your blog when activated, as long as the visitor is not logged in. For logged-in users, your site will continue to work as usual.

Additionally, search engine robots are serviced with a 503 Service Unavailble status code in order to discourage them to add the temporary content into the engine’s text index. This is a SEO-friendly method of signalling a temporary unavailability.

Download wet_maintenance.

13. August 2008, 20:32 − Abgelegt in


Nice, vielen Dank für das Plugin.

Christian · 13. August 2008, 23:00 · #

Great, thanks!

— Tom Boersma · 20. August 2008, 10:50 · #

Ausgesprochen simples Plugin-Konzept, ganz lean und schlank – das werde ich öfter einsetzen können. Danke!

Robert · 18. August 2009, 17:03 · #

Nice and simple plugin, works reliable. I like it. Made a quick modification to the code so that it checks the current template directory for a 503.php file and directs non-logged in users to this page if it exists, otherwise defaults to the plugins natural display for non-logged in users. If you’d like a copy of the code, let me know.

Tyler · 20. Oktober 2009, 17:00 · #

Wie über eine “update”? Mein Deutsch sehr schlimm, tut mir leid!

— Du! · 17. Januar 2013, 21:21 · #

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